Our Services

Mobile App Development

A cheap smartphone with a cheap internet plan is now at every indian adult’s disposal. for many people, their first experience of the internet is through the screen of a smartphone. thus, having an app has now become as crucial as having a website for your business. we, being a mobile application development company, are always on a mission to balance the expectations of the client as well as the end user for the app for the client’s business.

For a complete mobile presence, you need apps for both android and ios. we have the relevant technology and professional workforce that knows exactly how to code an app balancing the requirements of both the client and the end user, irrespective of whether the app is a standalone one, a database-driven one, a client-server driven one or a web-service driven one.

We, at AARON Software, being one of the premier mobile application development companies in surat, always follow a systematic procedure in the development of an app-it starts with requirement gathering, preparing the architecture/framework for the app, coding the app, designing it, implementing, testing and finally solving any bugs that may arise. lately, we are also developing cross-platform apps which are coded in such a way that they work on both android and ios platforms.


Website Development

A website is a virtual representation of your company, for potential customers, the experience online is the first impression to what they would expect from you. a website should cater to all the expectations of the end user as well as give the right amount of data and perform the right functions to ensure that the website is well used and appreciated from all sides.

Being a website designing company in surat, we have gained a lot of experience developing websites for clients across industries. for us, web development is a systematic and approach driven project. for each website that has to be made, we dedicate specific resources which are then deployed exclusively for the project. we first start by gathering the requirement of the website, what kind of website it is and how feature-rich the website needs to be made.

Being a web designing company in surat does not mean that we care less about professionalism and technical advancement-each of the website that is developed by us is done so with the latest technological know-how and is compatible with all browsers-both for desktops and mobiles. depending on the requirement, we always ensure that the website we develop are well-maintained and are up-to date at all times.

Software Development

Many businesses are opting for specific custom software development, rather than using generalized or off-the-shelf software. Customized development helps in identify and target the exact business requirement, providing a unique solution to successfully fulfill the client/partner's need.

Our team of experienced and specialized engineers and developers provide quality custom software solutions that target the exact requirement, and goals of our client/partners. Our specialty is custom or customized software development through open source and other technology.

AARON Software offers this specialized custom software application development, taking care of all the technical aspects and specifications, while integrating a dynamic functionality to successfully meet your business requirement. Our objectives; to present customized solutions which help reduce your overhead, and increase your ROI.


Website & Logo Desinging

Website design is not cooking some HTML with photoshoped images. It’s the perfect combo of beautiful art marinated with complex engineering that is carefully hidden in the background.

The website we design are easy to use and fast loading with implementation of proper navigation. We provides custom web design, E-commerce website design and tailor made content management web design solutions best match to your need and requirement. We provide complete web design and development service from planning to testing and implementations. For any website to succeed, it has to be eye-catching, informative and usable. Typically, a good website design is one that combines color-schemes, images and informative text into accessible web pages using a structured navigation that allows users to find information easily. Quality content and design are two critical components that can help your business succeed.

Your website is your 24x7 salesman, it is your companies marketing manager and the first (and in most cases - the only) impression you will ever leave on a client.

Web Hosting

At AARON Software, it is our goal to present the most advanced web hosting solutions available today. If you desire competitive value and superior performance, we offer the most comprehensive hosting solution for your personal or business site.

Whether you are novice or an internet guru, we have the right web hosting solution for you. Our hosting service includes all the facilities required to host and maintain a website on the Internet. If you feel you need to establish a web presence then our advisors will first advise you of the best domain name for your company.

Our low cost web hosting service bundles your hosting costs with your annual website maintenance and marketing costs. In the event of our servers not being sufficient for your requirements, your project manager will make recommendations on moving the website to an appropriate hosting service provider.

During the development of your website project, your website will be hosted on our server for demonstration purposes. We do encourage you to register your domain name, setup basic hosting and host a landing page on the domain, so as to begin an Internet Marketing pre-launch activity.


Digital Marketing

For all kinds of new age businesses, there is no bigger marketing tool available these days than the internet. advertising online through social media marketing channels like facebook, twitter, linkedin and the like can get you much better returns for your investments than marketing ‘offline’ where there is no guarantee of any return on investment.

Digital marketing in surat has grown manifold just because the rise of the internet along with cheap smartphones have made it a great marketing tool no business can afford to miss. social media marketing is one of the best ways to target your intended audience; in fact, the detailed information these sites have about you gives you a treasure trove of information which you can tap to sell your product/services. we have come to a point where most businesses agree that social media marketing is much more efficient than marketing through other mediums.